Katie Newburn and the Leather Boat Tote

Jul 30, 2015

Mae Stier

The Leather Boat Tote is a piece that speaks refinement. To showcase its classic style, we asked the talented L.A. food photographer Katie Newburn to model it for us. Katie is a brilliant photographer and a total joy to be around. 


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    Originally from the Bay Area, Katie's early exposure to the Napa Valley food culture led to an interest in showcasing the love and community found in all facets of the dining experience. She now works with a wide range of clients all over California, as well as the rest of the country, celebrating the beauty of food and the simple act of joining together with people you love around a table. 

    Check out Katie's photos and collaborations at: http://www.katienewburn.com/

    and follow her on Instagram: https://instagram.com/cloudsandcoffee 







Introducing the Boat Tote in Leather

Jul 16, 2015

Mae Stier

Introducing the Boat Tote in Leather. This elegant bag comes in two colors, black and brown. The perfect bag to carry with you all day, or to fill with your essentials for an overnight excursion. Simple and classic, this is one piece you won't want to leave home without. 

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    We used Horween leather for the Boat Tote in Black Leather. The Boat Tote in Brown Leather is made from vegetable chrome re-tanned leather. The bags feature an adjustable shoulder strap, along with hand straps. An inside pocket keeps your phone at hand. 
    Stop in the shop to try one on, or order yours online today. 


First Photos: The Tradeshop

Jun 06, 2015

Noah Guy

Introducing: the Joshu+Vela Mission Tradeshop. For those outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, talented local photographer Mariko Reed has documented our new space in a series of beautiful photos. The Tradeshop includes room for both a full factory suited to our unique type of short-run production and ample showroom to showcase our entire lineup of bags and other goods. Highlights include airy 16-foot windows, restored Doug fir floors from 1910, custom Heath ceramic tiling in the entryway and dedicated leather and sewing bays in the factory.

We're located at 3042 16th Street between Mission and Valencia Streets. Come say hi!

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    Shop exterior at 3042 16th Street. 

    Space flows seamlessly from showroom to work area. At center, our two-section cutting table in custom white.

    Custom made for us, Italian white marble tables float on sturdy American steel.

    View of the shop from the leather bay.

    Designed for small runs and high quality, the sewing bay enables tailors to custom reconfigure their workspace for each project.


Opening Party

May 18, 2015

Noah Guy

We've officially opened the doors to our Tradeshop in the Mission, and we want to celebrate! We're throwing an opening party in our new space on May 29th. Please join us to celebrate the opening of our new shop with an evening of food, drinks, and good friends. 

RSVP: press@joshuvela.com

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    Friday, May 29th, 2015 7pm-10pm
    Joshu+Vela Tradeshop
    3042 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

    Local Partners:
    Fort Point will be pouring their excellent small batch handmade beers.
    Birdview will have their El Castor Brandy that they grow, harvest and ferment themselves.
    Wokhorse Rye will be there with a bottle of his special Rye Whisky.
    Kim Alter is surprising us with some fresh small bites inspired by California's best early summer produce.


People We Love: Akari Tachibana

Apr 22, 2015

Aysia Stieb

We took a day trip to the Legion of Honor and Ocean Beach with our friend Akari Tachibana, who is a designer and pen artist based in San Francisco, California. Though she moved to San Francisco a few years ago to pursue clothing design, she has deep ties to her hometown Tenkawa, Japan, and still draws inspiration from the region in both her art and everyday life.


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    Can you tell us about where you’re from in Japan? What was it like growing up there?

    I grew up in Osaka as an only child, but early on, I moved with my family to Tenkawa, a countryside village in Nara Prefecture. My mom grew up in Tenkawa, and wanted to go back to open her own shop and cafe. My father built the shop and my mother makes the clothing and jewelry thats for sale at Koo, which you can visit today in Tenkawa.

    There are lots of tourists in Tenkawa, but also lots of artists. There’s a Shinto temple there that has a famous chime that you can ring for the god of artists. It’s very pretty.

    Did you grow up helping your mom make stuff?

    At first, only making chai and coffee in her shop! Starting from when I was about 12 years old I worked in the cafe. It was a little bit stressful, but I also learned a lot from that experience, like how to talk to strangers and appreciate customers. 
















    How does your upbringing influence your thinking about clothing design?

    I’ve always liked fashion since I was little, but I didn’t think about making clothes until recently.

    My mom is my fashion idol, and I got into clothing design because of her. She makes everything by hand, which has given me an appreciation for natural fabrics and traditional dye processes. She makes indigo dye herself and was the first person to show me indigo dye. She also spins her own wool to make thread that she weaves into fabric.

    Can you tell us a bit about your art?

    I feel so happy when I’m focused on making something. It makes my mom happy too--to know that I’m making things. I like being able to show her what I’ve created, thanks to her.

    I’m drawing all the time, and I primarily do fine pen mandalas in black and white. I’m inspired by what’s natural, in both my art and clothing design. I also like things that have a good process.

    You can follow Akari on Instagram at @akaritachibana
    See her art at akaritachibana.com