Back in Black — The Leather Zip Backpack

Apr 27, 2016

JV Tradeshop

The iconic Zip Backpack returns in new form this year: a gorgeous black leather, supplied by Hermann Oak Tannery in St. Louis, Missouri. With the smooth pebbled grain and supple texture, combined with it's excellent durability, this classic backpack sits in a whole new light...   


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    An all-leather backpack came up high on the agenda for 2016, but sourcing the right leather took some time. We looked far and wide to all the top purveyors in the world, but  ultimately the simplest path was right in front of us. The top pick came from our most trusted source for all our strongest leather for the last five years: Hermann Oak of St. Louis, Missouri. Starting with the exact same environmentally friendly vegetable tanned leather as our sturdy straps, the tannery oiled, softened and thinned this leather through a multi step process. This created a leather with both incredible softness and authentic American toughness at the same time. The aesthetic qualities are soft yet robust, with a low-sheen finish and a deep black color.

    The Leather Zip Backpack comes in two sizes: Small and Large. We think the Large is a perfect weekend, short trip or all day work & play bag. Big enough to carry a large laptop plus camera and change of clothes with ease. The small is your all day and all night bag. Fits a few essentials: light jacket, notebook or ipad, some personal items and a small water bottle.

    Designed with use in mind: We want you to really use this bag, and we designed it to be taken with you wherever you adventure. The cut and construction was created with a minimalist philosophy: only whats necessary stays on. This allows us to deliver a pared down but very useful bag that shines a spotlight on the amazing leather. It also clears a path for you to lay down the story of your life's adventures with the character and wear you will put on it as you make it your own.













For the Cook, For the Creator

Feb 29, 2016

Jessica Mejia



Where do your passions lie: the kitchen, the studio, the bakery? Wherever your labor of love takes you, we’ve got you covered in an apron made to look good getting used. We invited our friends Stuart Brioza of State Bird Provisions and The Progress and Jeremy Tooker of Four Barrel and the Mill to take our new aprons out for a spin, with photography by our favorite photographer, Daniel Dent.  

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    This 100% cotton Light Chambray Apron is perfect for those hot oven moments. Made and milled at a famous U.S. company, the apron features traditional style straps, a fitted neckline, and wears in like your favorite chambray shirt after it's washed. The clean, straightforward design was made for those who love to keep it effortless in the kitchen.














    Made with White Oak Selvedge from Cone Denim Mills in North Carolina, the Selvedge Denim Apron is stylishly suitable for fans of updated classics. When you're working tirelessly in the kitchen, cafe, or studio, you'll want an apron that fits so comfortably you'll forget you're wearing it. The Japanese style strap system featured here makes balance adjustment painless, and the straight of grain body and the cross grain pockets give your apron a distinguished contrast you'll appreciate as you toil away.
























    This beautiful and functional apron is made of 16oz. undyed hemp linen, grown in China from renewable resources. Cut full for cook or server, it features brass eyelets and leather straps that are removable for washing after a long day's work. Don't let the softness fool you, this strong apron was made to take on your toughest tasks.

     Jeremy Tooker of Four Barrel and The Mill 



    Four Barrel Founder Jeremy Tooker dons our Selvedge Denim Apron, made with U.S. sourced denim. This is our take on the Japanese vintage selvedge denim apron, complete with two rows of front patch pockets in contrast denim. The straps cross at the back, and are threaded through brass eyelets at the waist make for long-wearing, easy size adjustments.









     Stuart Brioza of State Bird Provisions and The Progress


    Stuart Brioza Co- Founder State Bird Provisions and The Progress, is wearing an apron suitable for the person who can’t leave the kitchen if they tried.  The eternal chef can work to their heart’s desire with this durable, yet lightweight Hemp Linen. The adjustable leather straps will ensure the fit is seamlessly tailored to fit as the kitchen lights up with passionate cooking.














Same Boat Tote. New Colors.

Dec 13, 2015

Jessica Mejia


This Boat Tote maintains the resilient and sensible design that you fell in love with, now in new colors to freshen your closet.






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    Your favorite bag. The durability you need.
    Now in new colors.

    For all who longed to see our iconic Boat Tote in new colors: the wait is over.



Our Studio

Nov 27, 2015

Jessica Mejia


Who makes what you wear? As brands embrace a socially conscious identity, it’s hard to discern how transparent their sourcing production processes are. Unfortunately, what’s actually happening behind the scenes can seem mysterious, even misleading. If this is the case, how would you confidently know that your purchase is an authentic product of socially conscious practices? What questions about the materials and production are left unanswered?


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    It’s often left for marketers to sell you on a brand, often evading details about their production practices because it’s not something you’d want to identify with. They focus on elements of process without having actual control over the creations of the product. Transparency in pricing does not always mean fairly compensated factory workers. Offering “charity” to provide basic needs for factory workers who materialize their designs is an unsustainable patch on a system that ultimately exploits its workers. But they’ll avoid this issue, and leave you assuming they offer high quality products and carefully oversee every production step, not just design and marketing.

    You have a right to know where and how your favorite products are made in order to make purchases responsibly. Knowing where and how your products are made establishes a trusting relationship between you and a brand.  Fortunately, we don’t have to ask you to trust that our practices are local and transparent– you can judge for yourself.  




    Entering our San Francisco studio, you’ll discover firsthand what true transparency looks like as you witness every step of the production process come together in the same space. We’ve taken “Made in the U.S.A.” to a resonating new level by offering you an honest first person experience of what goes into the bags and accessories you wear. It is vertical integration at its core– no mysteries, no outsourcing– and it’s all available for you to see with your own eyes in our San Francisco studio. You’ll walk away with a very personal look at whose hands have worked on the products we know you’ll love for years to come.




    This is not a new concept. But as we approached the 21st century, companies had unfortunately discovered shortcuts to increase profits and offer low prices, often by adopting unethical production practices. With that comes the loss of value in each product as well as a troubling brand identity. Awareness around these issues have improved numerous brand identities, but real transparency ought to be easily recognized. Instead of continuing such untenable practices we address the core issue: exploitation of those that forge our designs. We have not invented anything new; we’re simply putting more money into the product and the people who make them. The only way we can ensure that our factory is in good hands by being the factory. We’ve reclaimed what companies have done centuries before with a modernized vision of what in-house production should be.




    We obsess over each step of the production process, allowing us to painlessly establish a well-oiled machine that produces a tight stitch. That stitch keeps your bag together and looking sharp as you wear it with confidence. Only through the effortless union between a socially conscious process we’re passionate about, and incredibly talented people, can we produce bags that look great and make you feel great.


    We proudly make what we sell. You’re setting foot in the retail store and factory in the same space. From our hands to yours, we’re pleased to offer you products we’ve made ourselves.




Nov 07, 2015

Jessica Mejia

Fresh out of our San Francisco studio, we sent our briefcases out to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and to our neighbors in the Bay to discover how their passions and our organizationally conscious bag join in effortless synergy. They take us to a moment in their professional lives and tell their unique story of a growing attachment to this newfound work essential.

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    When the time came to launch our Zip Briefcase, we sought the right friends to take it out for a spin, and show you how easily it can carry the tools of your trade. Fresh out of our San Francisco studio, we sent out our briefcases to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and to our neighbors in the Bay to discover how their passions and our organizationally conscious bag join in effortless synergy. What they’ve captured in their personalized shots are visual presentations of the numerous ways they’ve made the Zip Briefcase all their own. They take us to a moment in their professional lives and tell their unique story of a growing attachment to this newfound work essential. Through trips across the country, trips abroad, and daily trips to work, the Zip Briefcase has exceeded the tests of organization and hard work. But don’t take our word for it– allow our creative friends to tell you with their inspiring images.


    NYC Photographer, Ricardo Toribio




    Chicago-based Photographer, John Thompson




    Craftsman and Wolves, Chef + Owner, William Werner