All hardware on our bags is solid metal. You will not find any coated or plated metals, and we never use zinc. This means the hardware will last for years and will sheen or patina instead of rubbing or flaking off like a coated metal.

Copper Rivets

These are solid copper rivets and washer studs. They are the strongest and most difficult to execute fastener on the market. The design for these has not changed since the late 1800s and is currently only used in Western saddle making and electrical worker harnesses. Our copper rivets are made in the U.S. and take five discrete steps to attach to each bag.

Brass Hardware

Solid brass hardware will patina nicely with age.

Bent Steel Hardware

Made in New Jersey for the U.S. military, steel hardware enjoys a traditional place in men's bags. Steel is stronger and lighter than brass, but not rust-resistant, so dry if exposed to prolonged periods of moisture.