"Our healthy body and mind is our most important task - to care for our only vessel. We must maintain health in order to express love and compassion - our true meaning on earth"


Some updates on how the Coronavirus is affecting JOSHUVELA at this time:

  1. The Workshop and Showroom (Tradeshop) will be closed until the city mandated "Shelter in Place" order is lifted. That means no appointments will be available currently.
  2. Online orders will have delays - both with us processing your order, and with the USPS carrying out fulfillment. Our estimates is on average an order placed now will see an extra 3-4 days of total time until it reaches you.
  3. Returns and repairs will be postponed until after the "Shelter in Place" order is lifted in San Francisco.
  4. Communication by phone will be limited - please use our contact page for email or the chat button on the bottom right. 

Thank you for your continued support. It is customers like you that literally keep us going! So if you have been thinking about buying a JOSHUVELA item - please do! 


Noah, Ling, Zhen - the entire JOSHUVELA team