At Joshu+Vela, we build bags that are designed with your use in mind. Because we own and operate our own machinery, we are in complete control of our manufacturing process. This, coupled with the best natural materials, informs how we design each bag or wallet, resulting in quality products that last a lifetime. In order to connect our customers with our process, we opened the Joshu+Vela Tradeshop, a dual studio and retail space where you can see what goes into each product you purchase.

About Noah Guy

Noah Guy began designing bags in 2001. Through his travels and work with major design companies, including Levi's and The North Face, he gained the knowledge and the passion to create quality products with enduring design. He started Joshu+Vela in 2010.

Our Process

The design process starts with inspiration. When designing our accessories, we start with a classic heritage piece and then think about how to pare it down to the bare essentials. We're inspired by the materials we use, and always aim to highlight the natural surfaces of canvas and leather. As each piece wears and changes, the character of the materials shines through, reflecting its use. Because we design and make in-house, we have the luxury of adjusting the design as we wear and field-test the product.