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La Sala di Studio

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About the House

Built in 1914 by an unknown architect and reinterpreted in 2017-22, La Sala di Studio is Joshuvela Studio’s first architectural project. Originally built as a chemistry lab, the main structure is entirely poured-in-place concrete. A single open space supported with beams, it features no internal supporting verticals. It’s built with the use of a large, castle-like retaining wall which forms the private outdoor space. We did a full re-imagination of the building, including carving out space for two new large format accordion doors that open onto the new mahogany deck with views of the Bay and Golden Gate Bridge. Staying true to the materials during the entire process, we revealed the true cement interior lying underneath a century of paint, and carefully refinished the original mahogany windows. For the single interior division, we choose a transparent multi-wall plastic to create the structure that forms the bathroom on one side, and lets light into the kitchen on the other. The overall material palette is black steel covered with beeswax, stainless steel, concrete, plastic and wood. The kitchen is a modern fusion of domestic and foodservice. Tall black cabinets create a clean and organized block on one side and open restaurant stainless work benches create utilitarian surfaces on the other. The built-in large stainless sink, simple but powerful Wolf range stove and Subzero refrigerator set the stage so that cooks and food stylists can feel their creative energy. The kitchen has two sinks, and more than the usual amount of counter space for two cooks in one kitchen.

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Our designs and material choices are informed by our own desire to find quiet space around us. We want the objects we interact with daily with to have the feeling of natural luxury.

La Sala di Studio

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