Big Sur

Apr 07, 2014

Noah Guy

In January of this year we took a trip to Los Angeles the long way: driving down the coast on Highway One. Starting out in San Francisco we headed south passing Santa Cruz and stopping in Monterey for tacos. After watching the sun set we headed into the night on the coastal Highway and into Big Sur.

The XL Boat Tote and natural DayPack that we brought on our trip



At night and in darkness with no full moon to see by, the sounds of the waves on the shore are the only real point of reference. The noise is so powerful and somehow comforting all at the same time. In the darkness the immense crashing reminds me of my relative size, just a spec of dust on the big earth. Somehow that realization is comforting, just to know that I am no more important than that small tree across the bluff. After listening for a bit and staring into the darkness looking for white foam to catch a hint of non existent moonlight - we turned back to camp. We forgot batteries for the flashlight and set up camp in the darkness, feeling our way around for a sleeping bag, tent and toothbrush. The sounds of the waves our major companion, like a wall of noise building and then crumbling. 


The next morning we woke up on a bluff over the surf break and perfectly moody Northern California weather. From our tent we could get up and see the waves crashing down on the rocks and get a face full of wind straight off the ocean. The bluff we were on was the last bit of California before the Pacific Ocean swallows up the land and becomes sea. The beach down below is short and covered with a huge rock. There is an arch-shaped rock right on the coastline where the waves crash through constantly. We walked down to the rocks and clambered around. With the perfectly diffused, overcast light and the inspiring crashing waves, we couldn't help but to take some of these photos on the shoreline. 

me with the All Canvas Tote on the rocks


Breakfast on the Bluff


I think about bags and how they give us a certain freedom to move around and yet stay healthy and happy. Bring your sweater to stay warm, your favorite foods to avoid the chain stores, a notebook or camera to find ways to appreciate the new place your in. Packing even just for a short trip some of the essentials such as coffee/coconut water, croissants and avocados made for a really nice morning.

As we ate breakfast near the campsite, the sun rose quickly over the hill and we could feel the temperature of the day approaching. After some time with the waves and filtered sunlight we picked up and moved on down the Highway One. Driving the open road we stopped along the way to meander around other beaches and aimlessly explore small towns until we finally arrived in Los Angeles. 

Kirk Creek Beach in South Coast Big Sur

Arch Rock & Boat Tote

Utility Tote in Natural




Aysia contemplating the rocks

Heading South on the One