Classic, Simple Style

Oct 04, 2014

Aysia Stieb

Classic, simple style begins with material, proportion and timeless color combinations. Rod Hunt of Uniform Journal shows us how to pull it all together with our Boat Tote, an essential striped t-shirt, and a pair of well-worn denim. He sets a great example of style with ease and paying attention to details - but without getting too caught up in them. We made the Boat Tote just for this reason. Something you can take anywhere, comfortably transitioning from the beach to the city. We have sweat through all the details so you can take one home and start using it right away.

Leather shoulder strap with military spec steel hardware on the Boat Tote

Rod Hunt of Uniform Journal and the XL Boat Tote

Leather handles and snap hook closure on the Boat Tote in Black

USA tanned leather and solid copper rivets