Katie Newburn and the Leather Boat Tote

Jul 30, 2015

Mae Stier

The Leather Boat Tote is a piece that speaks refinement. To showcase its classic style, we asked the talented L.A. food photographer Katie Newburn to model it for us. Katie is a brilliant photographer and a total joy to be around. 


Originally from the Bay Area, Katie's early exposure to the Napa Valley food culture led to an interest in showcasing the love and community found in all facets of the dining experience. She now works with a wide range of clients all over California, as well as the rest of the country, celebrating the beauty of food and the simple act of joining together with people you love around a table. 

Check out Katie's photos and collaborations at: http://www.katienewburn.com/

and follow her on Instagram: https://instagram.com/cloudsandcoffee