No excuses : The Utility Tote is for everyone

Aug 03, 2016

Jessica Mejia

Our classic Utility Tote, resized to fit you just right.

Recently, a small and sprightly customer dropped by our Studio, eager to try on and walk away with one of our highly-coveted Utility Totes.  To everyone’s amusement, the tote looked too large on her, at least as an everyday bag. So we took her measurements, and reconstructed the trusted Utility Tote to compliment her slighter frame.

This led us to an interesting discovery: the Utility Tote in Small is not exclusive to the diminutive shopper. Those who’d prefer a smaller, daily carryall can enjoy this resized edit, too. With all of the same pockets, dependably durable canvas, and rich leather found in our classic sized tote, the Utility Tote in Small offers everything you love about us and our bags in a size that fits you and your lifestyle just right.