Back in Black — The Leather Zip Backpack

Apr 27, 2016

JV Tradeshop

The iconic Zip Backpack returns in new form this year: a gorgeous black leather, supplied by Hermann Oak Tannery in St. Louis, Missouri. With the smooth pebbled grain and supple texture, combined with it's excellent durability, this classic backpack sits in a whole new light...   




An all-leather backpack came up high on the agenda for 2016, but sourcing the right leather took some time. We looked far and wide to all the top purveyors in the world, but  ultimately the simplest path was right in front of us. The top pick came from our most trusted source for all our strongest leather for the last five years: Hermann Oak of St. Louis, Missouri. Starting with the exact same environmentally friendly vegetable tanned leather as our sturdy straps, the tannery oiled, softened and thinned this leather through a multi step process. This created a leather with both incredible softness and authentic American toughness at the same time. The aesthetic qualities are soft yet robust, with a low-sheen finish and a deep black color.

The Leather Zip Backpack comes in two sizes: Small and Large. We think the Large is a perfect weekend, short trip or all day work & play bag. Big enough to carry a large laptop plus camera and change of clothes with ease. The small is your all day and all night bag. Fits a few essentials: light jacket, notebook or ipad, some personal items and a small water bottle.

Designed with use in mind: We want you to really use this bag, and we designed it to be taken with you wherever you adventure. The cut and construction was created with a minimalist philosophy: only whats necessary stays on. This allows us to deliver a pared down but very useful bag that shines a spotlight on the amazing leather. It also clears a path for you to lay down the story of your life's adventures with the character and wear you will put on it as you make it your own.