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Introducing Zespa — La Minimal


We have a small batch, with only two essential colors for men: Navy and Pure White (seen above). For ladies we offer three choices: Navy, Off White, and a rosey "Nude" that resembles more of a pale pink.  


The Zespa ZSP4 haven't been the easiest to find stateside. And though you might come across the familiar two-tone designs here and there, the solid scheme found here has a more classic, minimal feel.

Founded in 2009, luxurious sneaker labelZespa offer superior quality, highly skilled French craftsmanship and sophisticated designs. The ZSP4 sneakers are premium built leather uppers with all-leather sockliner upon a lateral stitched rubber sole. They are finished with gold-foil branding on both heel tab and tongue. 

Limited-time feature: These four styles have been ordered in limited numbers, and may go quick.